A Pixie Affair



Hello Lovelies,

So I think it’s about time for me to say this out loud but…I’ve been in a committed 2 1/2 year relationship with my pixie cut. It all officially started at the end of high school and honestly I’ve never been HAIRpier.

Like any other teenage girl long hair was my goal, my dream, the ultimate hair end game. I mean I got there in the end but something wasn’t right. It might have been the super strict dress and hair code that my high school had but I got bored…so utterly bored of my long black mane. Being of Vietnamese ethnicity I was blessed with straight black hair which was terrible when you wanted to curl or style it. It took me all of high school but I eventually grew it down just passed my belly button and I kept it long enough for formal (prom) to roll around.

Come exam time I decided this was the perfect moment to chop it all off. And so, the beginnings of my pixie journey. There are days where I miss it only because there’s soo much more potential for elaborate hairstyles and colours. At the end of the day I am 110% glad I chose to chop it all off.

And so here we are, the bottom line is I wanted to write about what I’ve learned so far from having cut all my hair off and how it’s impacted the way I see the world and myself. Well…I guess I’ll throw in some other topics to. Stay Tuned!

x OH.


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